AJEET SmartSpot CheckoutSMSD has a limited supply of internet hotspots for home access.  They are distributed based on need and are first-come, first-served.  In the event that a demonstrated need exists to check out a hotspot for home access, please contact the school social worker, Mrs. Shana Parker, to communicate the need and complete the application for assistance: .

Need may include no ability to secure internet access in the home and one of the following: 

  • Free/Reduced Meal Program (District letter confirming qualification should be shown to establish this need.)
  • Academic need - the student is at risk of failing or at least 1 academic year behind peers for their age
  • Children with Limited English Proficiency
  • Immigrant children/youth or Migrant Educational Program participant
  • McKinney Vento or Youth in Foster Care 
  • Parent experienced recent job loss/unemployment
  • Checkout will be for a semester.  If a device is not actively used, the district will request it be returned and reallocated to another student in need.

A few options in our attendance area are:

  • Spectrum Internet Assist Program ($20/month) Qualified households may sign up for low income internet assistance.  (National School Lunch Program is a qualifier for the lower-cost service.) In home Modem is provided at no cost.

  • The following link may be helpful in identifying local free hotspot zones across the community by zip code: